TPS Outing to White Rock, Killiney

This Tuesday evening, pack your buckets and spades for an evening of photography at the beach!  We’re off to White Rock in Killiney!  A popular spot for photographers, especially in the golden hours of dawn and dusk, set your cameras for a slow shutter speed to blur the motion of the waves and get those milky watery images.

Meeting as usual in Molloy’s car park at 7.30pm sharp!

Don’t forget our end of month outing to Hook Head in Wexford on Sunday, August 30th.  If we leave Tallaght at about 9am, we should arrive at the Hook for about 11am – just in time for coffee before exploring the area and photographing one of the oldest working lighthouses in the world!  Other photographic attractions include the graveyard and church ruins in nearby Churchtown and Slade Harbour.  If there’s time, we can also visit Ballyhack Harbour or Duncannon and have a spot of lunch before heading back home!