TPS Meeting Tuesday 5th Nov at 8.00pm in the Maldron Hotel, Tallaght.

Don’t forget the one-shot competition is this Tuesday and the theme is “Water”
You can bring your entries on a USB stick, printed or send them to
Also this Tuesday coming our guest speaker is Barry Delaney. 

Barry was inspired by the colour and DIY attitude of Punk, in the grey Dublin of the early 80s, fell in love with film photography and took off travelling the globe. Fully self taught , he eked a living, working in bands, restaurants , building sites , before returning to Dublin to settle down. The love affair with the lens got re-awakened in 2006 following recovery from personal issues and the purchase of an Nikon SLR – the obsession truly took of with new clear mature eyes.

Throughout 2007, he charted the daily lives of ordinary Dubliners, in their home environment – from Inner city Dublin to Ballymun and beyond. Capturing real Dub’s doing what they do – be it happy, sad, mischievous, angry or just amorous. Making the ordinary look special, while retaining the very soul of it’s people … 2007 was a dramatic year in Irish life – the peak of the Celtic Tiger, before it’s dramatic collapse in 2008, to the dark day’s of today.

He has since divirsifed himself beyond Dublin, documenting life from Limerick to Belfast, sailing on into the Albion, then zigzagging my way across America by Greyhound and on into Africa and Asia, looking for the wonders of the world.

You can see Barry’s website at:

Make sure you arrive early for this.

There is a 2euro door charge for members and non-members which helps to cover

the rent of our room in the Maldron Hotel. All members and non-members must
sign in.  A book will be at the door for all to sign.

Parking at the Maldron Hotel

The Maldron Hotel has a free secure underground carpark. You get a ticket
from the machine and the gates will open. When parking please park in the

Hotel parking bays (if you don’t you might get clamped). On leaving please

get your ticket validated from the reception in the hotel lobby.

See you all on Tuesday