TPS Meeting Tuesday 25th 7.30pm.

This Tuesday coming we will be have a barbecue up in Glenasmole.

If you are coming on the outing this Tuesday can you just sent me a email or text to say you are coming so we have a rough number of how many are coming, so we know how many sausages and burgers to get.
You will also be able to take photos in and around the reservoir while we get the barbecue ready.
For those who want to go straight out, we will be having the barbecue in the Glenasmole Community Centre.

The above shows where we will be.

Meet in Molloy’s carpark (outside the Taxi office in the carpark) – we’re leaving at 7.30pm sharp, so please be early and don’t forget your cameras! Looking forward to seeing you there! Or you can make your own way out.

John Byrne would like members to test the salon site at

John said: “we want members to test the salon site, some may have done so already but we lost that set up for some reason so they will need to enter again, you have until 5th July to enter and try it out, the site address is and click on enter salon then select tps salon members test.