TPS Meeting Tuesday, 10th September 2019


This Tuesday we will have our annual “Show and Tell”. This is a night where members get an opportunity to show some of the photos they’ve taken during the summer. It’s also a chance to share new places/things/methods for us to shoot. About 20 photos each would be great.

It is also the 2nd Tuesday of the month which means “One Shot” night. We’re trying something a little different this year: instead of the winner picking the theme each month, we have set all the themes for the year. The thinking behind this is that members will have a more time to work on their entries. The winner will still judge the following months competition and get a prize of a 20 euro printing voucher in Harvey Norman, Rathfarnham. This month’s these is “Abstract”. BTW in case you didn’t notice the list of themes is at the bottom of this and all emails….so no excuses… Looking forward to seeing you all with your photos!