TPS Grand Canal Walk, July 22nd and Straffan Butterfly Farm, Sunday, July 27th

This Tuesday, July 22nd, we’ll take a stroll along Dublin’s Grand Canal.  We can park at Charlemont Place (under the LUAS stop) and saunter around the canal banks where we may be able to photograph swans and ducks mixed with some urban photography.  As the evening becomes darker why not play with the traffic and try some colourful light trails.

Car park spaces by the canal may be sparse so car pooling is recommended.  Meet at Molloy’s car park to leave at 7.30pm sharp.  Dress for the weather and don’t forget your camera 🙂

The following Sunday, July 27th, is our trip to Straffan Butterfly Farm  in Straffan Co Kildare.  We’ll be meeting at Molloy’s car park – the time is to be confirmed but be prepared for an early morning start!

Inside the butterfly farm is very hot and humid – this is how the butterflies like it!  It will be much warmer that the temperature outside and this will create some problems with the camera lenses fogging up inside.  See below some tips for preventing this from happening:

  • Warm up your camera slowly over Saturday night or (very) early Sunday morning by using a hot water bottle or microwaveable heat pads
  • Bring a plastic bag with you and any sachets of silica gel if you have them, to put in the bag
  • DO NOT place your camera on top of a radiator or in a microwave (duh) as this will not be good for your camera
  • Your cameras will eventually acclimatise to the humidity in the butterfly house – these tips will just help speed up that process