The 3rd TPS Summer One Shot Competition is now open……

Summer’s here at last! Each Tuesday now offers us the opportunity to dust off our cameras and go out and about on the weekly TPS summer outings! (this competition is just for fun)

To add a little interest to the outings we are running a Flickr One-Shot competition!

Each member can post 1 photo taken on the TPS summer outing and everyone who enters (and all members for that matter) pick their favourite and vote for it. The winner is the photo with the most votes…

To post Grab the HTML/BBCode (the arrow button above your shot) pick medium and copy and paste the code here. You should number each entry #1 #2 #3 etc. For example, if you are posting your image and there are already 3 images posted by other members, number your image #4

If you’re having any trouble posting or voting drop me a FLICKRMAIL and I’ll give you further instructions.

If you enter you must vote!!!!! Otherwise your entry is invalid and will be disqualified. You can’t vote for yourself. Any member can vote even if you did not enter a photo.

Posting of your images can take place from Wednesday until Saturday night, voting will take place from Sunday until next Tuesday afternoon(3.00pm).

You can put your photos of the Glencree outing up now..

Looking forward to seeing your shots!