Straffan Butterfly Farm and the South Great Bull Wall

This Sunday, July  26th we are off to Straffan Butterfly Farm, Straffan, Kildare.  This has become an annual outing each summer over the last few years, but sadly, this will be the last visit as the butterfly farm is closing down after this season.

Des and Iris have always generously opened the doors of the Butterfly Farm to TPS members each year and we would like to thank them and wish them the very best of luck in the future!

The Butterfly Farm is open to the public from 10am, but we can get in an hour earlier at 9am.  We’re meeting in Molloy’s car park for 8am and leaving promptly!  Dress lightly as the butterfly house is extremely warm and humid.  It is advisable to bring a change of shirt as you will perspire inside!

The humidity will fog up the camera lenses at first but they will become acclimatised after a few minutes.  A good tip to prevent this from happening is to use hand warmers to heat up the lens body before going in.

Next Tuesday, July 28th our evening outing is to the South Great Bull Wall.  Here you can enjoy the long walk to Poolbeg Lighthouse and photograph the famous Poolbeg chimneys.

Meeting Tuesday evening at 7.30pm sharp!