Q1 – How long are you a member of TPS?

I am with the club 5 years

Q2 – Is this your first photography club to join?

I looked at a few clubs but decided on TPS as it was more convenient for me

Q3 – What was your first introduction to photography as a photographer?

Nothing specific , I just like taking photographs

Q4 – What camera(s) do you shoot with?

I use a Canon eos 70D and also Canon 450D

Q5 – Do you have a favourite subject to shoot?

I like all sorts of photographs. No special subjects

Q6 – Do you have a go to lens to shoot with?

My go to lens is a sigma DC 18 – 125mm . It’s an old lens but I find it very versatile

Q7 – Which do you prefer your images to be in colour or black and white and why?

I like colour but some images are better in B&W

Q8 – What makes an image stand out for you?

Its clarity and composition

Q9 – If you were to give yourself one piece of advice if you were starting out all over again. What would it be?

I would say listen to those who have experience in your club and don’t be afraid to ask questions even if you think they are stupid, as it is the only way to improve yourself

Q10 – If money or travel was no object where in the world would you like to photograph and why?

I never thought about this. I think Switzerland maybe for the great scenery or Australia