Massy’s Woods and the Hell Fire Club – July 8th

Tuesday, July 8th’s club outing will be to Massy’s Woods and the Hell Fire Club.

As usual we’ll be meeting at Molloy’s car park, leaving at 7.30pm.  Once there, you can head straight to either the Hell Fire Club or enter Massy’s Woods and visit the Hell Fire Club later.  It’s up to you 🙂

Dress for the weather and remember it may begin warm but may turn chilly later in the evening!

See below some info on the history of the area:

Located at the summit of Montpelier Hill in the Dublin Mountains, the Hell Fire Club was built around 1725 by politician William “Speaker” Connolly as a hunting lodge.  Originally the building was named Mount Pelier and was built on the site of a prehistoric burial cairn using some of the stones from the cairn.  Shortly after the lodge was built the roof was blown off in a storm.  According to superstition, this was the Devil’s doing for building on the site of a burial ground.  Since then, the lodge has become well known for paranormal and supernatural activity.

In 1735, a few years after William Connolly’s death, the Irish branch of the infamous Hell Fire Club began to use the lodge for their meetings where tales of occult practices and other strange behaviour at the lodge became well known locally.  The lodge was eventually destroyed in a mysterious fire and the Club members began to meet in what is now known as Killakee House, which now also has a reputation for being haunted.

Across from Montpelier Hill is Massy’s Woods, where in the early 19th century, politican Luke White, built a large Victorian house and gardens.  Known as the Killakee Estate, it was inherited by Baron Lord John Massy in 1880.  Lord Massy was evicted from the estate in 1924 after losing his fortune over the years – the house was demolished and the gardens went to seed.

Hope to see you all there 🙂