Kevin Maguire

Q1 – How long are you a member of TPS?

Ten Years after seeking advice from a few people

Q2 – Is this your first photography club to join?

Yes the number the First . I remember when I used to come to the door a lovely gentleman called Tom Burgess always welcomed me. He has since passed away. He always made people feel so comfortable when they arrived. He was a fantastic member.

Q3 – What was your first introduction to photography as a photographer?

GAA sports. As a member of GAA is was involved in a club team and was always fascinated by sports action

Q4 – What camera(s) do you shoot with?

Canon 7D MK 2 and Canon 5D MK3

Q5 – Do you have a favourite subject to shoot?

That’s a slightly tough one for me !! So I have sports , wildlife and landscape. In that order, I like to vary my interests

Q6 – Do you have a go to lens to shoot with?

Canon 400 mm

Q7 – Which do you prefer your images to be in colour or black and white and why?

I prefer to get colour shots but I absolutely love b&w portrait images. Which I definitely should learn how to process

Q8 – What makes an image stand out for you?

The first thing for me is impact as it should always do..Simple and uncluttered. I love shots taken down low

Q9 – If you were to give yourself one piece of advice if you were starting out all over again. What would it be?

Get a big overdraft (Joke). First thing to do is to try to understand how to take shots . Definitely take a simple camera course and don’t get confused over different genres. Try one to start and lean from it

Q10 – If money or travel was no object where in the world would you like to photograph and why?

Canada by a mile. The most beautiful country I have seen, Stunning Landscape (Amazing colours) and Wildlife. I was there in 2008 and only had a pocket camera. I came home and got a DLSR soon afterwards