This Tuesday is monthly league judging night – this month we welcome Joe Doyle from Malahide Camera Club.

We will also be accepting prints for our exhibition in County Library, Tallaght. As it will be a busy evening, we will be accepting photos from 7:30 to 8:00, during the tea break and when club finishes.

Some points to remember:

  1. Max. two photographs from each member
  2. Photos must be mounted on the mounts sized 20 x 16 inches (Same as we use for Monthly League and available at the club.) Photos not on this size mount will not be accepted as they will not fit the frames.
  3. Printed photographs must be labelled on the top left-hand corner of the back of the mount. The label must include Title and Photographer’s name e.g “Dinner Time” by Maureen Hastings
  4. Digital copies of all photographs must be submitted either by email or on USB on the 28th of January. Digital copies must be sized as per competition ie 2400pixels on the long side and 240dpi. The file name of digital copies must also include Title and Photographer’s Name. e.g “Dinner Time” by Maureen Hastings. These will be used to display on a slideshow in the library during the exhibition.
  5. Photographs will be returned on Tuesday 18th February at the club.

See you Tuesday, 8pm sharp.