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TPS Meeting Tuesday, 25th September 2018

This coming Tuesday is our first monthly league judging night of the season. Our guest judge is Michael Church LIPF who has been a member of Palmerstown Camera Club since its inception a decade ago. Best of luck to everyone who entered! Don’t forget our upcoming events: Club Exhibition Please bring in your mounted photographs for the Clubs exhibition at Tallaght Library. The exhibition is launching on Tuesday 16th October and will be opened by the Lord Mayor of South Dublin. • We are looking for as many photos as we can get to allow for rotation to a maximum of 5 per person to start with • The photos must be mounted on the usual club mounting boards available at the club (16 x 20 inches) • They must be mounted using a Bevel Cutter i.e not glued to the front of the mount. • On Tuesday 2nd of October we will hold a workshop for mounting prints if anyone is not sure how to do it • You must have your name and the photo title on the back of the mount in the top left hand corner (so we know which way up to hang it!) • […]

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TPS Meeting Tuesday, 18th September 2018

This week at our weekly meeting in the Maldron Hotel: Studio Session Ollie will be leading on a “Studio” evening using various sources of light and volunteers from the Firhouse Taekwon-do club. So bring your cameras and flashes! Competition Hand in Night This week is also hand in night for our first league competition of the year. You can enter an image in each of the three categories: • Mono Print • Colour Print • Projected – These must be sized to 2400px on the long side, with a resolution of 240 dpi. Images that are not sized correctly will not be accepted. You must also send a digital version of your printed images. Please send your projected entry and digital copies of printed images to tpscompetitions@gmail.com Also coming up: October One Shot John Raftery won the September One Shot and has set the theme of CURVES for October. The October One Shot will take place on Tuesday 9th October, do get the thinking hats on and get snapping!! Club Exhibition Don’t forget to bring in your mounted / framed photographs for the Clubs exhibition at Tallaght Library. The exhibition is launching on Tuesday 16th October and will be opened […]

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TPS Meeting Tuesday, 11th September 2018

This Tuesday at our weekly meeting in the Maldron Hotel Tallaght at 8p.m. we are delighted to welcome Pawel Zygmunt from Breaking Light Photography. Pawel is a landscape photographer who takes stunning images mainly in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Pawel came 2nd the Irish Light Festival Competition in October 2017 and was awarded a Licentiateship by the IPF in Sept 2017. You can see some of his work in the links below. Don’t forget, the one shot will also be held at coffee break on Tuesday, The theme this month is VESSELS. Please bring your images along on a USB and hand them into Andrew. Please have them in by 8p.m. so as not to disturb Pawel’s talk. Alice will judge at the start of coffee break and we’ll announce the winner before Pawel starts the second half of his talk. https://www.facebook.com/pawelzygmuntphotography/ https://www.facebook.com/irishlightfestival/ http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/search/?q=pawel%20zygmunt https://www.breakinglightpictures.com Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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TPS AGM Tuesday 22nd May

This week is a busy one for TPS. We have our AGM in the Maldron on Tuesday and then we have our end of year party and award ceremony in Molloys pub in Tallaght village on Friday night. The AGM is an important meeting for TPS. Decisions will be made on Tuesday that will shape the direction the club takes in the coming years. Its important that as many members attend as possible so that you can voice your opinion and have an input at the AGM so please do attend if you can. I have attached the agenda for the meeting and the minutes from last years AGM. On Friday we will have our end of year party and prize giving ceremony and the awarding of the coveted “Photographer of the Year” trophy. There will be prizes for the winners in each of the 3 sections of competition in Novice, Intermediate and Advanced divisions. Fridays party will be the highlight of the year and is always a great night so pencil it in to your diary!! Even though we will not be meeting in the hotel over the summer fear not….we will be meeting up every Tuesday and heading of to somewhere of […]

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TPS Meeting Tuesday 8th May

This Tuesday club member Neil O’Reilly will be giving a talk on wildlife & nature photography. Neil will be showing some images from a recent trip to Scotland and will share some tips on how to improve your wildlife photography. We will also look at post production and editing the images. With the club planning a trip to the Saltees in the near future it will be a good talk to attend. The one shot competition will also be held on Tuesday.  The theme is “Old and New” as set by last months winner, Ben.  Bring your entries along on the night on USB and give them to Eleanor. The following Tuesday, the 15th of May we will begin our summer outings. We stop meeting in the hotel over the summer months and instead we will head of to some place of photographic interest. Be it the Dublin mountains or Howth there are plenty of interesting places not too for away and we will be try to visit as many places as we can over the summer hoping to get some great shots.

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TPS Meeting Tuesday 24th April

This Tuesday is the final round of the monthly league. Our guest judge is Chris Ducker AIPF AFIAP from Dublin Camera Club. Chris has been a member of Dublin Camera Club for over 10 years and has been awarded his Associateship by the IPF. Chris has won awards both nationally and internationally for his photography and has represented Ireland in photography competitions such as the Celtic Cup. There should be some great images on show on the night, good luck to everyone!!

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TPS Meeting Tuesday 16th April

Tomorrow night we have the second part of our focus on portraiture photography. As discussed last week the members will be split into 2 groups. The first group will arrive just before 7.30 and the shoot will start at 7.30 sharp. Please do not be late as the guys will be busy and will want to make sure everyone gets enough shooting time. The set up will be 4 models  and 4 different light set ups. The second group will arrive at 8.45 and this will give the guys enough time to have a quick cup of coffee and begin the second shoot at 9.00. As above please arrive on time and prepared for the shoot. Try to think of some ideas for the shoot and if you have a prop you would like to use by all means bring it along. Tomorrow night is also league entry so have your images ready for entry. Next week is the final league judging of the year and the week after that will be the 3rd part of the portraiture focus and the guys will be going through post processing, this will be the final night of the focus on portraiture. So a big thank […]

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TPS Meeting Tuesday 10th April

This Tuesday club member Karl Bergin LIPF will be giving a talk on Portraiture photography. Karl is an excellent portrait photographer and his images both mono and colour are simply stunning. Karl is a regular winner   in the monthly league and the standard of his images is always of the highest quality. Karl will share some tips and tricks to get that perfect portrait. Over the next few weeks we will be concentrating on portraiture and we will be setting up some model nights so Karl’s advice will be very helpful in the weeks to come. So if you are interested in portrait photography be sure to make Tuesday night. Don’t forget the theme for this months one shot is “foodie still life” and the one shot will be held on the 17th so still plenty of time to get your shot. This month is also a short month so be aware that league entry night is also on the 17th. A photographer in the club had a feature in the Irish Times gallery recently, click on the link below for more details. www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/in-pictures-a-passion-for-birds-1.3391862

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TPS Meeting Tuesday 4th April

This Tuesday Michelle Le Grue from Malahide Camera Club will be giving a talk and a demo of some lighting equipment. Michelle runs a company called Nicelight which sells all sorts of lighting equipment from outdoor flash systems to light wands to modifiers, triggers & receivers, in fact they cover everything to do with lighting. Michelle will be giving a talk and a demo of some of the equipment. I think Michelle will have some items for sale on the night that might be of interest so if anyone is thinking of investing in a flash or lighting system it might be an idea to take some cash on Tuesday. Here is a link to the Nicelight website https://nicelight.eu/   I know  that at the recent Photographer of the Year finals where Nicelight were a sponsor they sold out of some of their Speedlight’s amongst other items. I know lots of people in the club are interested in this type of photography so it should be a great night. Don’t forget the about the April “One Shot”. The theme this month is “Foodie Still Life” and will be held on the 17th of this month. Paul Maxwell won the March round so […]

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TPS Meeting Tuesday 20th March

This Tuesday our guest speaker is Ita Martin from Malahide camera club. Ita is a wildlife photographer who won the IPF Nature Photographer of the Year in 2017 and also won a gold medal for best print in the National finals in 2017. Ita will be showing us some of her images and telling the story behind them. To see some of Ita’s images here is a link to her Flickr page. https://www.flickr.com/photos/80011528@N08/with/26992091598/ Tuesday is also league entry night so make sure you have your images ready for Tuesday. There are only 2 rounds of competition left before we break for the summer. Please ensure images are mounted and resized according to the rules. Please remember to submit a digital entry for your print images so we can keep a selection of images for future club competitions.

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