There is no TPS meeting in the Maldron this week, in fact we are coming to the end of the TPS season. We will break for the summer at the end of May and instead of meeting in the Maldron we will meet up on a Tuesday (weather permitting) and begin our summer trips to places of photographic interest. More on this to follow!!
There is no TPS meeting this Tuesday but the committee will be meeting to prepare for the AGM which will take place on Tuesday the 16th of May in the Maldron. The AGM is an important meeting for all members and if you can attend you should. Much will be discussed and decided about the next TPS season which kicks off in September.  Decisions will be made that affect all club members and if you are not there you will not be able to voice your opinion so please do attend if you can.
So just to remind you again, there will be no meeting in the Maldron this coming Tuesday and the next time we meet up will be for the 16th for the AGM and then the end of year party on the 26th in Molloys pub in the village.
Finally, the National Club competition takes place in Mullingar next weekend. There is also distinction sittings and lots of things going on of photographic interest. It will definitely be an interesting day and TPS has entered 2 panels in the competition. So if anyone is around next weekend it is worth attending as it gives you an idea of the fantastic standard of photography from all over the country and the very high standards that are need to achieve successful distinctions.